“Because experience, skill, and dedication matter.”

Sunni Ko is one of the most experienced criminal defense attorneys in Washington state.

As a former Federal Prosecuting Attorney, a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, and a Public Defender, she has almost 20 years of criminal law experience dealing with the most high-profile defendants and the most serious offenses. Indeed, Ms. Ko has handled thousands of felonies and has tried hundreds of serious felony offenses including aggravated homicides, robberies, sexual assaults, and other violent offenses. She has also handled hundreds of misdemeanors and has tried countless DUI’s and domestic violence assaults with proven results.  She is now a premier DUI lawyer in Tacoma/Pierce County. 

Having been on both sides of the courtroom, and currently as a criminal Defense Attorney, she knows how to expose the weaknesses in the Government’s case. She knows how evidence can be mishandled; she knows how evidence can become tainted. She knows how witnesses are not as reliable, and she knows how the system operates. With this knowledge, she will test each piece of evidence before it is admitted. She will hold the Government to its burden of proof, and she will fight aggressively at every stage of the proceedings so that your Constitutional rights are protected and your freedom zealously guarded.

Further, Ms. Ko understands how devastating it can be when charged with a criminal offense no matter how big or small. She understands the impact a criminal charge has not only on the person charged, but also loved ones. She knows how a criminal conviction can destroy person’s ability to provide for his family, his reputation in the community, and the friendships he has worked so hard to foster and maintain. Because she understands, she is committed and dedicated to providing the very best defense possible, and she will use her expertise, her experience, and her unmatched skills to fight for justice, your life, and your freedom.

Why Choose The Law Office of Sunni Ko?

  • Experienced and skillful litigation
  • Affordable representation
  • Thoughtful exploration of all your options
  • Critical analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the evidence
  • A thorough preparation at every stage of the proceedings
  • No inexperienced associate handling your case
  • Always reachable by phone or email
  • Commitment and dedication to your case
  • Aggressive litigation

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